Student Exchange Programs

The Faculty of Science has been offering space and facilities for student training programs since 1990. One of the programs is the IAESTE. The program accepts international exchange students for technical training. Each year the faculty accepts five students. The period of training is about three months. The faculty provides living allowance and accommodation. Students interested in the program can discuss with the supervisors about the various projects they wish to undertake. Learn more the IAESTE program...

Below are some of the students who are currently taking part in the IAESTE program (2011).

1. Johannes Aagaard, Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics, Denmark
2. Knut Sverdrup Kleppesto, Physics, Norway
3. Stefan Knobelspies, Microsystems Engineering, Germany
4. Dmitrijs Janovics, Robotics and Applied Informatics, Germany
5. Silvio Waschina, Bioinformatics, Germany

Johannes is working as the lab assistant for the 3rd year Alternative Energy Lab, Physics Program.

Knut is a norwegian physics student working as an intern at KMITL. He has learnt how to use LabVIEW and will help to  prepare an experiment about optical tweezers for the next semester. Aside from this he is learning how microcontrollers work and how to use them, and helps out in the laboratory once in a while.