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Faculty of Science King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Importance of Statistics…

Statistics is a science that concerns with principles and procedures for obtaining and processing information in order to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. In particular, it concerns with collection, organization, analysis, and interpretation of numerical information to answer questions in almost every aspect of modern-day life.

Statistics could be applied in a variety of operations, such as, the design for survey, the scientific experimental design, the analysis of economic time-series data for the prediction of the parameters, the analysis for the business decision, and the analysis of the system operations to correct the errors and to discover the increasingly efficient process.

The statistics has a significant function in various areas. Therefore, Faculty of Science, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, has offered Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics) program in 1982 and Master of Science (Applied Statistics) program in 1999.



Department of Statistics offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Applied Statistics with two different majors, Applied Statistics and Operations Research, programs. The programs provide students with access to statistical skills preparing them for careers in almost any field, including education, science, industry, technology, health care, government, business and further postgraduate academic training. For students engaged in Bachelor of Science degree, the department also provides courses of Co-operative Education/Oversea Training for individuals requiring specialized statistical skills and job experience in the workplace.


Degree Programs

1. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics)

The program revising in 2012 has 2 majors: Applied Statistics and Operations Research.

Total credits: 136 credits

- General Education courses 30 credits

- Compulsory courses 100 credits

- Elective courses 6 credits

2. Master of Science (Applied Statistics)

The program revising in 2012 has 2 majors: Applied Statistics and Operations Research.

Total credits: 39 credits

- Thesis 12 credits

- Statistic courses 27 credits

- Seminar

Student with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics or any other field are welcomed to apply for the program. The students with degree in the other fields are required to have at least 9 credits in mathematics/statistics courses while studying a bachelor’s degree and may be required to take preparatory course. The degree is pursued on a full-time basis. The department requires that the students take at least 39 credits. Department seminar is an integral part of the program but will not count as degree credits. There is a thesis requirement.

Research Interests

  • Data evaluation using Statistics
  • Algorithm to solve problems
  • Forecasting model
  • Data collection using Statictics
  • Imputation methods on linear regression analysis


Prospective Careers

The graduates from B.Sc. (Applied Statistics) program have knowledge and skills to apply Statistics in several occupations. They can work in government, state enterprises and private sectors, for example, academic institutes, banks, hospitals, Electricity Authority, Petroleum Authority of Thailand, where they are using statistics and computer to manage business. Moreover, B.Sc. Graduates can study further for M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Statistics, Computer, Business Administration or any involving program.

Computer Laboratory in Statistics Department

This room has been established for the teaching which need computers to compile data, mo-del and create working systems. All students can use this room for their study, research and data searching.


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