Department of Biology

Our Department is responsible for producing versatile graduates in Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology. We also conducts M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in biotechnology with emphasis on the exploitation of microorganisms in industry and agriculture. Various products and wastes from industry and agriculture can be turned into high value products by microbiological processes. Biotechnology has been defined as the integrated use of microbiology, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and economics resulting in industrial application of biological organisms. It is being used in such diverse fields as agriculture, medicine, energy generation and environmental protection.
Graduates will be skilled in both theory and practice. There is a continual demand for biotechnologists and microbiologists in different organizations such as research institutes, government and other public sector organizations.


Academic Programs

  • Undergraduate programs

Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)   
Bachelor of Science (Industrial Microbiology)

  • Graduate programs

Master of Science (Biotechnology)
Doctor of Philosophy (Biotechnology)

Undergraduate program in Biotechnology
The program focuses on training enrolled students to become scientists in multidisciplinary biotechnology including genetic engineering, fermentation technology and cell cultures.

Undergraduate program in Industrial Microbiology
The program offers enrolled students basic and applied microbiology knowledge for industrial application relating to agriculture, medicine and environment.


Prospective careers

  • Research associates specializing in biotechnology/microbiology in governmental research institutes or private organizations
  • Supervisor for program-related industrial plants/factories
  • Enrolling in graduate study


Research areas

Alternative energy

  • Production of hydrogen from photosynthetic cyanobacteria and green algae
  • Production of ethanol and butanol from agriculture residues
  • Production of biodiesel from jathopha seeds


Biocontrol of plant pest and insect pest

  • Study of antioxidants and bioactive compounds from plants, bacteria, fungi and algae
  • Biocontrol of fungal growth and afatoxin production by microorganisms and medicinal herbs



  • Waste water treatment by phyto-remediation
  • Biosorption of heavy metals by microorganisms
  • Cellulose production from agriculture residues
  • Production of biogas from cassava pulp


Food biotechnology

  • Extraction of prebiotic oligosaccharides from dragon fruits
  • Production of artificial shark fin
  • Production of astaxanthin from Haematococcus sp. algae


Molecular biotechnology

  • Study of plant and fungal genetic diversity Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity study of medicinal herb and fungal extracts
  • Utilization of molecular genetics for classification of plant cultivars


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